We miss the beach!

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Cebu City

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Jelena Reese Baptism

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This is actually a backpost since we don’t have time last April to update the blog. We just want to share some of the pictures we got from Jelena Reese’s fabulous baptismal party last April 18 at Crowne Plaza Hotel.



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Shella and Don Wedding

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It has been awhile since our last post. We had been very busy and a lot of things had happened in the studio. We already had 4 versions of the Focal Live! booth, one of our Lenovo had been stolen, trashed a few printers, attended a few wedding expos, shot a couple of events and met amazing people along the way.

We promised Shella and Dondon that we’ll post some of their wedding pictures as soon as we have time and we will take this opportunity to wake-up our dormant blog.

To Shella and Dondon, Congratulations! and may you both have a wonderful life together.




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The Happy Run – Focal Live! Pictures

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FOCAL Live! was present for the first annual charity fun run hosted by Drew Arellano and Bianca Gonzales. Thousands of participants trekked to The Fort, Taguig, at 4 AM before the sun was up, to participate in a historic charity event!
The activity, which raised funding for the Bagong Tanyag Elementary School of Taguig, was attended by professional athletes, running enthusiasts, casual joggers, kids in costume, pets and celebrities!

View more booth pictures on our Focal Live! site.

You can also contact us at 09159866735 or email us at focal.studios@gmail.com to reserve Focal Live! for your next event.

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The Happy Run – Event Pictures

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Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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The Happy Run

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Do you know that running, besides keeping you fit, can also benfit less fortunate kids who dream of going to school. The Happy Run is a charity run that will benefit the kids of Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex in Taguig. It aims to help the school build much needed classrooms to provide the kids with the education they deserve.

The Happy Run will be held at Fort Bonifacio Global City on January 25, 2009 and Focal Studios will be there to cover the fun. Registration is at the ROX store at Bonifacio High Street and you can download the registration form online at www.thehappyrun.com

Nikki’s 7th Birthday

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Space Ball Battle, Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde

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