The Masters at Work

 “Genius – the ability to produce fantastic amounts of equally fantastic bullshit that all makes perfect sense”  -Jason Zebehazy

Ever wondered what Focal Studios is all about. Meet two very  talented and creative geniuses of Focal Studios.

Francis Pacunayen

This Canon-wielding artist started photography as a hobby; but after he saw potential in his craft; decided to become a professional photographer. Taking advantage of his free time (and accumulated vacation leave), he took his 350d and the name PacDaddy, then went to train under the best photographers of the Philippines.

Pacdaddy is at his best when holding a camera, and rumors of him spread like wildfire, heralding him as a photographer of exceptional talent and skills. Now, his only true desire is to find a worthy subject to photograph, jumping from different location and assignments, in pursuit of the ultimate photo.

Randy Bautista

Randy, the master event shooter and DIY expert, was born with a passion for photography. His cool, unemotional demeanor created an air of mystery and his skill and talent were admired. Well-equipped, he had “stockpiled an adequate aresenal of Nikon, Sigma and Benro weaponry.

With all his gear, he’s properly equipped to tackle his favorite event shoots like festivals, parades, fiyestas and of course, weddings! He often declines being in the entourage for the reason that he’d rather be behind the lens, capturing the couple’s memories than being in the shots himself. Understandably, his wedding shoots have only increased in frequency from when he first started. Having recently acquired an UWA lens, he’s now branching off into landscape photography while also using the lens to get creative distortion effects in his regular shoots. Expect him to branch out to more genres while he’s polishing up his technique further.

Image 3

If you want to see more raw and unedited works of the masters behind Focal Studio, you can visit their blogs at PacDaddy and The Irreverent Wandering Snapper.

© 2008 Focal Studios

2 Responses to “The Masters at Work”

  1. Aaron Paggabao Says:

    – UMLDCP@2009 is very proud of you guys.

  2. Aldrin Collantes Says:

    The “Ultimate” Masters!
    Definitely, two of the finest. A true product of UMAP’s institution.

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